Stars Shine For Everyone

Sterren Schitteren Voor Iedereen (Stars Shine For Everyone)
An Astronomy Project for children with disabilities and underserved communities around the world

Stars Shine for everyone Project is a cooperation between Volkssterrenwacht A.Pien vzw and Ghent University.
”All children in special education and vulnerable people should have the opportunity to admire the starry sky with the help of a telescope.” This is the starting point of the Public Observatory Armand Pien, based on an idea by Jean-Pierre Grootaerd.

Sterren Schitteren Voor Iedereen is realised by the Amateur Telescope Making group (Kijkerbouw) of the UGent Public Observatory Armand Pien and the Department Physics and Astronmy of the University Ghent.
Belgian astronauts DIRK FRIMOUT and FRANK DE WINNE parented the project SSVI and S4G.
This initiative takes place in collaboration with Euro Space Society, Universe Awareness Leiden University and IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach.
The project is present in over 150 countries across all continents.

To this project, BRESSER donates a significant number of telescopes each year. Traditionally, these are Bresser Messier 90/900 or 70/700 refractors equipped with solar filter, two eyepieces and (since 2020) an electronic eyepiece. Rob Walrecht Productions provides extra educational materials.
Leiden University provides shipping of the telescopes that were won at the IAU - SSVI competition.

During the IAU100 celebration year 2019, SSVI was allowed to have an important place. Two competitions were held where you can see the results here;
Winners competition 100 years IAU and Winners IAU contest 50 years moon landing

In 2020 and 2021, SSVI became a partner of IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach. A contest 'Telescopes For All' was held where 30 telescopes with accessories were distributed.
Winners of the contests.

Since 2020, there has also been a partnership with L'Astronomie Afrique and RFI l' émission Autour de la Question.

Telescopes series 2022 Newtonian 110mmF900, Provided with BRESSER eyepieces, solar filter, viewfinder and MikrOcular Full HD camera

Bresser 70/700 Nano telescopes

win an SSVI telescope in 2022



This contest is again organized by IAU Office For Astronomy outreach in partnership with SSVI and Leiden University. We provide 15  Homebuilded Newtonian 110mm F900 telescopes  with solar filter, 3 eyepieces and Electronic Eyepiece (webcam) donated by BRESSER.
This contest is in celebration of the 10th anniversary  IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach.

Winners Announced: Telescopes for All edition 2022




Every trimester, L'Astronomie Afrique in collaboration with RFI émission Autour de la question organizes a competition in which each time an SSVI telescope can be won. Rules you can find here; Jeu Concours



                             Dark and Quiet Skies

The Dark and Quiet Skies project raises awareness about the need to preserve dark and quiet skies.


      Challenge vidéo astro-ados de la francophonie 2022

SSVI provide 7 BRESSER Nano 70/700 refractors with solar filter, camera and 2 eyepiece to this contest.



                  'Beamline for Schools' (Powered by CERN)

Beamline for Schools is a physics competition organized by CERN that invites teams of high-school students from all over the world to prepare the proposal for an experiment that can be performed at a particle accelerator test beam facility.
SSVI offered special prizes. Winners of this countest on this website.



Telescopes for All:artwork contest and 100 hours of Astronomy

Both contests will be organised Autumn 2022 by IAU Office for Astronomy Outreach in partnership with SSVI. Contest rules follows!

We provide 30 BRESSER Nano 70/700 refractors  with solar filter,  camera and 2 eyepieces .


All telescopes are intended for groups: astronomy outreach in the spirit of the Telescopes for All - SSVI project. Not for exclusive private use'













Telescopes For All - SSVI - On The Moon Again - L'Astronomie Afrique winners contests 2020-2021 : a brief selection

T4ALL in Jordan
T4ALL in Jordan
Jordanian Astronomical Society (JAS), Jordan
T4All in Nepal
T4All in Nepal
Blind Rocks!, Nepal with Sristi KC
T4All in Ghana
T4All in Ghana
Tetteh-Ocloo School for the Deaf, Ghana
T4ALL in Timor Leste
T4ALL in Timor Leste
Knua Sentrál ba Prátika Siénsia no Matemátika (KSP), East Timor
T4ALL in Malaysia
T4ALL in Malaysia
SJKT JUGRA School, Malaysia
T4ALL in Afghanistan
T4ALL in Afghanistan
Kayhana Astronomical Group, Afghanistan
T4ALL in Poland
T4ALL in Poland
Evening Meetings With Astronomy, Grupa Edukacji Astronomicznej na Czarnej Hucie (The Black Ironworks Astronomical Education Group), Poland
T4ALL in Samoa
T4ALL in Samoa
Tiapapata Art Centre, Samoa

      Assembling the SSVI mount and telescope

Tutorial How to use BRESSER MikroOkular Camera with your telescope By Mayssa El Yazidi

         Catching te Moon: Mayssa El Yazidi
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