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      The announcement of the results of our Drawing Competition for Kids 2020 TAYA – SSVI
The Tunisian Association of Young Astronomers (TAYA, Tunisia) and Sterren Schitteren Voor Iedereen (SSVI, Belgium) have announced an Astronomy themed drawing competition for kids. We wanted to share our sincere thanks to the organization “Nederlandse Onderzoekschool Voor Astronomie (NOVA)” and the artist “Marian Pontier” from Volkssterrenwacht Orion Steekbos (Netherlands) for the design of our drawings.
We have received almost 91drawings from many countries in the world. The drawing competition only has two winners: one Boy and one Girl. Every one of the drawings made our hearts good and each of the competitors deserves a huge applause! Through this competition we were looking for the difference between the children who they could make from a simple coloring to a source of inspiration. Actually, we found three groups based on:
1-Beauty only: kids used just many colored pencils randomly just to make the drawing just beautiful
2-Beauty and Knowledge (Science): kids who have a passion for science and astronomy, showed the real color of the planets
3-Beauty and creativity: kids used another tools to color their drawings and even there were children who made their own design Both associations TAYA and SSVI are interested in Science and Astronomy, so we decided to choose the second group.
The winners of Drawing Competition for Kids 2020 TAYA – SSVI are the Peruvian 8-year-old boy
Juaquin Alcantara and the Russian 9-year-old girl Alisa Safronova. “Juaquin Alcantara is the only boy who colored the waxing crescent with white and gray and Saturn with yellow and brown and gray for the rings which explains his knowledge about Astronomy.” “Safronova Alisa is the only girl that used the real colors of the planets which reveal her passion for Astronomy.” We offer our congratulations to the two winners!
The album with all participants:
                                        Juaquin Alcantara , Peru
                                      Alissa Safronova , Russia
                                 Our gifts for the children
                              Our gifts to the children
                                ALISSA (with another drawing)
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